BitchSlap! at Macha Theatre

BitchSlap! Chronicles the Feud Between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis

Macha Theatre (West Hollywood, CA)


From Bette Davis’ first Oscar win in 1935 to Joan Crawford’s death in 1977, these two Hollywood divas waged a bitter personal feud competing for acting roles, top billing, Academy Awards and men. BitchSlap! is a comedic take on the long-running dispute with a memorable behind-the-scenes look at the star’s double billing on the 1962 classic Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?. Egging the celluloid luminaries on is reigning gossip queen Hedda Hopper, publishing and profiting from her notes on Davis’ notorious one-liners and Crawford’s sly maneuvering. Catch this West Coast premiere for an insider examination of the Divine Feud. Learn more…

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