A3\ Allusion, Ambiguity + Artefacts

Dates: May 6, 2012 to May 6, 2012
Location: St. Lawrence Centre For the Arts
In this CONTACT Photography Festival Exhibition presented by artProfile, Fine Art Consultancy, L. E. Glazer has created a groundbreaking collection of images that transcend the photography paradigm. Through contextual abstraction and a play of reductive compositional elements, Glazer intensifies the inherent ambiguity and allusion of his images. At the same time, he selectively leaves behind artefacts as keys for us to engage the works. Upon examination and through a contemplative lens, an invitation is extended to explore the interplay between the urban landscape and residual artefacts of life. From the outset, Glazer implies a progression to the familiar places we know, yet, he surreptitiously withholds the full reality to entice and engage us with his vision. It is in this series of photographs that we see a transition from traditional photography to what would typically avail itself if the artist worked on canvas. By leveraging new technology the work delivers a complete thesis on the deconstructionist photograph. Please join us between 1 and 5 pm on Sunday May 6th for our opening reception. L. E. Glazer will present an Artist talk at 3 pm on the current show and reflections on Deconstructionist Photography. The Exhibition is open for viewing during regular St. Lawrence Centre hours from May 1 June 2 and by appointment. Selected works from the show may be viewed online at http://glazerphotography.ca/aaa-allusion-ambiguity-artifacts/.

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