Peace Quest at the Art Playground at Pinoy Fiesta 2012

Peace Quest—The Mission Creed:


We believe in creating and manifesting great ideas to benefit this earth. The quest we are on is to empower life in hostile areas, to inspire the youth to champion their struggles and to educate poor communities. Peace Quest is not about the money, power, or fame – it's a calling to make a difference. Do you have what it takes?  Answer the call…Join the Quest!

Why Peace Quest?

Peace Quest creates the opportunity for you to make a difference for those in need. We provide you with real-time information to let you know the difference that your contributions are making in people’s lives. Peace Quest also works with local communities groups (local and abroad) to get the youth involved and help them find purpose in their lives. We encourage the youth to think with an innovative mind set and manifest ideas to benefit the world. We stick to our creed: To inspire, empower and educate.

How you can help:

• Donate money to help pay for the cost of shipping goods overseas.
• Donate new or used clothing, toys, electronics, books, etc.
• Attend our FREE monthly fundraisers!
• Spread the word about the difference we are making in the world and be a part of the Quest!

Current Initiatives:

• Monthly fundraisers to collect donations and spread the word about Peace Quest.
• Collaborating with other organizations to create free youth programs in the GTA.
• Creating job and volunteer opportunities for the youth across the GTA.
• Current focus of making a difference in the Philippines.


Global Peace-Pal Program (GPP):

The Global Peace-Pal Program (GPP) is designed to bring together and encourage people from around the world to actively participate and break down barriers in the creation of a global community. Peace Quest acts as a mediator in the growth of the world community, opening the lines of communication between strangers from various nations and backgrounds. Peace Quest has begun a post-card program addressed to our agents in developing countries for our donors to fill out with their personal stories, good wishes, and other messages of inspiration, love and empowerment.

Once these post-cards get to our Peace Quest agents overseas, they are distributed to local communities. Donors who send post-cards have the option of writing their e-mail (or address) on the post-cards, which gives the recipient in third world countries an opportunity to build a bond if they choose to.

By sharing our experiences, stories, and lives with each other, Peace Quest’s GPP aims to turn what were once strangers on opposite sides of the world into friends. Rather than us living our live here and them living their lives there, we can start to live our lives on this earth together.

Global Donation Recycle (GDR):

Peace Quest is currently facilitating a direct line of donations to people in need in third world countries. We collect donations of various goods (clothing, food, electronics, toys, books, etc.) and supply the means to transport these goods to those who need them most.

Everybody has things that they don’t need or would most likely end up in the garbage, while at the same time there are people in the world who need those goods. Instead of having used materials go to waste, Peace Quest recycles these goods by giving them directly to the people who can use them in their daily lives.

Peace Quest will be showcasing an Art Playground at the Pinoy Fiesta 2012 on Saturday June 9th, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. All finished work will be sent to the Philippines!

Special thanks to Jun Enverga and the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation for having us.  For more information and tickets visit:

For more info, go to this link:

Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way

Contact him on:!/authorpaulcollins

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