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The company Caravague and André Nerman are proud to invite you to “The Lesson”, a play by Eugène Ionesco on Friday, October 16 in the Spadina Theater with André Nerman in the role of the teacher, Anna Jahjah for the student and Solene Rabas who will play the role of the help.

“The Lesson” features a tragic situation where knowledge is diverted perversely by a teacher to become a control instrument over his pupil. Knowledge can at any time switch to be in the madness and unleash, for the one who believes to possess an unquenchable thirst for power, to the point that he is confused with an “absolute master”. Ionesco gives us an absurd piece, still a comedy, sometimes even close to farce.

For ten years, André Nerman and his company have organized tours of French shows across North America. A varied program from classic and contemporary authors (Molière, Duras, Claudel, Zola, Cocteau …) to poetic and musical performances (Apollinaire, Prévert …). The musical “Jacques Brel or the impossible dream” that was created by André Nerman during this American tour later triumphed on the Parisian scenes (most recently in 2012 at the prestigious Le Ranelagh Theatre) where he stayed for the displays 25 months, and also on tour in France and worldwide (USA, Russia, Japan, Morocco, Belgium).

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