What We Liked About Wonder Woman

The opening scene introduces the island of fierce Amazons magically protected from men and the outside world. They’re supposedly dedicated to their own peaceful, loving society, but are incessantly and violently training to fight. (It’s the 1940’s – couldn’t they find a more scientific way to defend themselves?) The ridiculously sexy metal and leather costumes seemed over the top until one remembers that male superheroes are equally sexualized. Everyone on the Amazon island was cleverly trained to speak with the same light Israeli accent that gorgeous star Gal Gadot has. We LOVED the way Wonder Woman frequently questioned the morals and intelligence of war-mongering men she encountered when she left the island. And we LOVED her first shopping experience. But the relentless and numbingly monotonous fight scenes just kept interrupting. If an hour of explosive violence were cut out, it would be a better movie.

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