Catfish Host Nev Schulman Had A Lapse In College

Nev Schulman (pronounced “Neev”) seems like the nicest guy in the world on his MTV show Catfish. He calmly deals with some highly problematic people on the series and he’s never judgmental or unkind. So it’s surprising that he has a negative incident in his past that’s not so nice – it happened while he was a Junior at Sarah Lawrence College. Nev was photographing people at an LGBTQ dance without permission. A female who objected got punched in the face by Nev and injured. Nev’s recollection of the event and bystanders’ stories were quite different. At the time a school official described Nev as “entitled and condescending” and he got kicked out. It was especially traumatic because his mother had graduated from the college. We’re guessing he learned a big lesson because he appears to be quite sensitive in dealing with his Catfish clients.

(Above, Nev and his bride Laura Perlongo at Catch LA. He looks SO much better when he shaves…)

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