Meghan Markle: Doomed To A Lifetime Of Pantyhose?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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meghan markle: doomed to a lifetime of pantyhose?

What IS this girl getting into? One of the harder parts of becoming a Duchess can be the Royal fashion rules – suddenly Meghan Markle won’t be able to have a mind of her own. Women are NOT allowed to wear pants for formal occasions and heels are required, but height of heel is optional. No sleeveless or short dresses. Nail polish must be neutral – no colors. Wearing black is discouraged in the daytime. Actually bright colors are preferred so Royals stand out in a crowd for security purposes. Meghan’s messy buns and tousled locks are a no-no – hair must appear “groomed.” Gloves are encouraged at events where Royals must endure many handshakes. Forget about jeans. Perhaps the toughest rule of all is pantyhose! They must be worn ALL THE TIME with those dresses! Of course all these rules apply to walking out in public – we assume Meghan can lounge around in sweats at home in the castle…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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