Two Weeks Later Andy Dick Is Still In Rehab!

We just HAD to know how Andy Dick is doing in rehab – after all he’s been there for TWO weeks and the first two are the most traumatic – when a lot of patients give up and check out. Happily, Andy is still at the Oasis treatment center and reportedly doing well. His on-air intervention was a big deal at FilmOn where he hosts his own talk show. Click here to watch FilmOn CEO Alki David surprise Andy in the middle of interviewing the actor who played Eddie Munster.

BY THE WAY, we are experimenting with a gossip show at FilmOn Live and you can watch us today at 3:30 LA time – just go to and click on “LIVE” at the top and we should pop up!
(Above, Andy chats up Pauly Shore about doing a sequal to “In the Army Now”)

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