Aretha Franklin’s Health Is Still A Mystery- And She’s Not Talking

Secretive celebrity Aretha Franklin admits she’s gained 40 pounds in the past few months but her health is still a giant mystery. Nearly two years ago she had surgery and would never reveal what it was for. (We speculated gastric bypass.) At the time, relatives of her whispered that she had pancreatic cancer. Aretha denied that she had cancer, but STILL would not talk about her surgery. During the months that followed she cancelled concerts and lost at least 85 pounds. We feared the worst. But suddenly she seemed to snap out of her health problems and got back to work, looking healthier than ever. Now people are saying that she may NOT have had cancer, but actually had complications from her gastric surgery from which she has recovered. But she seems to be stretching her stomach again because she has packed on 40 of the pounds she lost. If Aretha DID have nothing worse than gastric surgery, we wish she would admit it so her fans can stop worrying about her. And she might get more job offers too!

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