Abby And Brittany: Reality Shows Just Took A Giant Leap – But In Which Direction?

We’re trying hard NOT to be freaked out by TLC’s new reality show “Abby andBrittany” documenting the story to conjoined twins from Minnesota who just graduated from college and are now job hunting. The two girls are cheerful and perky and have separate personalities but they are literally joined at the neck and share one body. Abby controls the right arm and leg and Brittany controls the left. Internally they have separate hearts, stomachs and spinal core, but share reproductive organs. A third arm was removed early on. They are used to being stared at, so being on camera didn’t bother them. We can’t stop pondering, is this a kind of twisted freak show or is it GOOD for everyone involved? Certainly it’s heartwarming to see the girls enjoy their lives. Is TLC pandering to morbid curiosity seekers or will this show teach viewers to be kinder to unusual or disadvantaged people? What’s your opinion? Will you watch this?

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