Which Britney Spears Should You Be For Halloween?

Britney Spears' most iconic music video look is pretty hard to achieve. Her cutesy schoolgirl outfit in "…Baby One More Time" didn't just happen. It takes a lot of time to properly hike up your pleated skirt and position a white blouse just so. But slide on some thigh-highs, add ribbons to your pigtails, and voila! Schoolgirl Britney has arrived to whatever Halloween party is in your iCal, with wine ready in her book bag. Or, opt for a more modern take on Spears, like her recent appearance at the red carpet premiere of Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood.

But what about Spears' other hits? "Toxic," "Stronger," and "Womanizer" have some pretty compelling Halloween looks, too. Instead of focusing on the present (the jury is still out on her G-Eazy collab), let's look at Britney in her prime. Nearly every Britney Spears video serves a look that would steal the spotlight at any Halloween party.

So dig out your Curious perfume (or her new gender-neutral perfume, Prerogative), slip into some leather, and pile on the jewelry. Being the best Britney Spears this Halloween will take everything you can find in the back of your closet. Bonus points if you can find a plus-one in the form of old friend Lance Bass, current boyfriend Sam Asghari, or her little sister Jamie.

"Till The World Ends"

Apocalyptic Britney

If the world was ending, what would you do? The only correct answer is grab a red sheer bedazzled bodysuit, a spiked and studded leather jacket, and torn-up tights. Then dance like the world isn't crumbling.

"Gimme More"

Dark, Confused Britney

Britney was in rare form for this video, which saw her with black hair, fishnets, and a fedora of all things. The visuals for this club banger are dark, so if you're feeling emo, this one is for you.

"Piece Of Me"

Fur Vest Britney

Sometimes Britney gets a little fed up. "Piece of Me" was Brit at peak Leave Me Alone. Her wardrobe, then, is appropriately thrown-together. Live your life, because Blackout-era Britney Spears was intent on living hers.

If you're down to saunter into the Halloween function as a Britney circa "Piece of Me," copy the video's most consistent look: A fur vest over a sparkly black bra, worn with low rise jeans.


Old Hollywood Britney

"This is a story about a girl named Lucky…"

Remember the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood's golden age? The furs! The gowns! Tears shed because we're all nothing but cogs in some big studio's starlet machine! Slip on a ball gown, sob in your mascara. Think about the existential trauma of only being famous for your movie star good looks. Make some random Titanic reference, and it's showtime.


Flight Attendant Britney

Wouldn't you feel just a little bit safer if you knew your flight attendant was able to shimmy the plane to safety? Also acceptable in this video is the bedazzled bodysuit, if you have that kind of cash and time.

"I'm A Slave 4 U"

Hot, Sticky, Sweaty Britney

Who made it through 2001 without wanting to be one of those dehydrated teens dancing with Britney in a post-apocalyptic America? This Neptunes' beat was the flyest thing to come out of Spears' entire career. Tease your hair, drench your abs in body oil, and bring the summer heat wave to your October party.


All-Black, Metal Chair Britney

If you're going to go for this look — and, of course, you should — remember the metal chair. It makes the look. The black bandeau, pants, and choker are all key, to be sure. but the metal diner chair really sells it.

"I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"

Low-Rise Denim Britney

Skip this Britney. They don't make bell-bottoms as low cut as they did in the early 2000s — and for good reason: It's just not reasonable. There is such a thing as pants that are too low-cut, and it has nothing to do with modesty: It's a lot harder to traverse a canyon range in low-cut denim than Britney makes it look.

"(You Drive Me) Crazy"

Emerald Crop Top Britney

Please be this Britney. Please be this Britney — you deserve it. Pull an emerald crop top off a sale rack, pair it with black yoga pants, tease your hair, and call it a night. The bright, bold colors of this video also make plenty of options for your entourage, like the red cami worn by Melissa Joan Hart.

"I Love Rock 'N' Roll"

Rock-'N'-Roll Britney

Take out every piece of leather in your closet, real or fake. Once you've laid out each leather purchase you've ever made — purses, chokers, that jacket that's not leather (but looks real enough) — put it all on. Leather pants plus a leather vest plus a leather jacket might feel weird or uncomfortable on any other human, but Britney pulls it off. Pile on silver rings and a screechy whine for effect.

"Oops!… I Did It Again"

Leather Jumpsuit Britney

If there ever was a Britney Spears in top form, it was the day she filmed this video. She's playful and sarcastic: "Oops… I think I did it again," she says, a little bit annoyed and a little bit excited.

Cover your entire body with a red fabric and get ready to break hearts. Space exploration not necessary.

"…Baby One More Time"

Schoolgirl Britney

Trade your regular Monday-to-Friday look for pigtails. Grab a button down and tie it up. Find a grey cardigan. Add ribbons accordingly. In this video, Spears wasn't the sexy schoolgirl that haunts Halloween parties of decades past. She was a lonely! She was tormented! Maybe add a teardrop or two for effect.

"My Prerogative"

Bedroom Eyes Britney

Britney Spears was not playing around with this video. She jumped around a creepy mansion, spooky bedroom, and a red-lit nightclub. To get this look: Shimmy into a black slip or a white bra and undies, smear some black eyeshadow on, and get really fed up with the way people are talking about you.


Ringleader Britney

"I'm like the ringleader / I call the shots," said Britney Spears in this legendary video. It's time to mimic that well-placed Bulgari product placement. Wear a white leotard, black high-waisted hot pants, and finish it off with a top hat.


Corporate America Britney

For several videos, Britney Spears thrived on naive, after-school loneliness and sticky hedonism. In "Womanizer," she turns her attention to the ultimate con: scamming a cheating boyfriend. There are a lot of certified looks in this video, but the boldest is Corporate America Britney. Grab a black bobbed wig, a striped black top, and a super-tight pencil skirt. Rub on red lipstick, scam, repeat.


Innocent Angel Britney

If Britney were wearing more white, she'd be at her wedding (whether that be for her three-year marriage or just 55 hours). While the singer may be busting a move in the music video for "Sometimes," she's rocking the most serene getup while doing it. A white turtleneck crop should strangely be no problem to find in this current fashion climate, but baggy white parachute pants could be more of an issue. Nevertheless, if you can get your hands on those items, all you need is to slap on some black sneakers and you've nailed the look. Dance moves not included.

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