Scientology Is Destroying Tom Cruise’s Credibility

Tom Cruise has colossal nerve calling the Vanity Fair article about him auditioningfemale companions “lies designed to sell magazines.” It’s common knowledge that Cruise saw young Nicole Kidman in her first film “Dead Calm” and called her in toaudition for “Days of Thunder.” (She got the costarring part and Tom too.) And of course, he auditioned Penelope Cruz for “Vanilla Sky” and SHE got the part and dated Tom until she was scared off by Scientology. And Tom called Katie Holmesin to audition for “Mission Impossible 3” – she didn’t get the part (Michelle Monaghan did) but Katie got Tom! Does ANYONE believe Tom’s denial?Scientology is making Tom look more foolish – and less honest – every day. (Photo – Tom and Vanity Fair in happier times)

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