Jennifer Lopez And Heidi Klum Spare No Expense Dressing Up Their Boyfriends!

Female supercelebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum don’t mind if the objects of their affection aren’t as wealthy as they are, but they MUST be well dressed. Jennifer gave her boyfriend Casper Smart a spectacular makeover – he has expensive suits, overcoats and designer shoes – sneakers and hoodies are now reserved for the gym. Heidi’s no- nonsense bodyguard /boyfriend Martin Kristen just didn’t have the right clothes to take her out to dinner, so she took him to Barneys.HEIDI KLUM BOUGHT HER BODYGUARD A 410,000 WAREDR Martin resisted, but according to The Enquirer, Heidi picked out and paid for $10,000 worth of suits, shirts and Italian shoes for him. You’d think with her fashion contacts she’d get clothes at a discount, but she paid retail for everything. (Above, J.Lo and Casper AFTER their shopping spree, and below, Heidi and Martin BEFORE their trip to Barneys)

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