Don’t Overanalyze: “liz And Dick” Isn’t Shakespeare – But It’s A Fun Ride

Far too much effort is being put into criticizing Lindsay Lohan’s performance in Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick.” For heaven’s sake, this is LIFETIME, not a Harvey Weinstein production. It was intended to entertain, and it did. The 1960’s locations and costumes and story were fun and colorful and reasonably appropriate. Although Lindsay’s “accent” sounded more “valley girl” than English born Liz’s, we had low expectations. Liz’s legendary weight struggles were totally ignored for some reason. Grant Bowler sounded enough like Richard Burton to get by. After all, it was simply the story of two famous self-absorbed alcoholics, not the greatest love story ever told. Certainly, it did little to enhance Lindsay’s acting reputation, but did no harm either. In spite of flaws, we enjoyed watching the movie and were quite entertained. Pass the popcorn. Admit it, weren’t you entertained too?

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