Lance Bass: Beware Of Your Dermatologist!

Lance Bass must have been shocked when he saw TMZ today and their big story featured an anti-gay rant by his dermatologist Dr Alex Khadavi. (We went to Dr Khadavi years ago for injections and his looks have changed ENTIRELY since then!) Khadavi had a huge tantrum in the lobby of his swanky West Hollywood building, Granville Towers, on July 7. Years ago he bought the top floor penthouse from Portia de Rossi (she went on to greener pastures with Ellen) We’re not entirely sure WHO Khadavi was cursing out, but he repeatedly used the anti gay slur “fa****”and said he wanted to KILL them. The whole scene was filmed by a security camera in the lobby. When the Homeowners Association saw the tape they were appalled and one gay member feared the threat was against him and his boyfriend, and he got a restraining order. Not long after that the tape was mysteriously released by SOMEONE to TMZ. Dr Khadavi was NOT pleased and he is filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the building for filming him without notice AND releasing the tape. He’s expected to win and the building tenants, who will have to pay, are NOT happy!

PHOTO: Lance Bass and Dr Alex Khadavi

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