Even At 75% Off, Janice Dickinson Can’t Afford It

Janice Dickinson was shopping in Brentwood when she came upon a clothing store having a 75% off sale. She gleefully rummaged through the sale racks and spent considerable time trying on clothes, while keeping the salesclerks running back and forth. Another shopper told us that when the smoke cleared, she had piled around $200 worth of sale clothing at the register (quite a bit at that discounted price) and left a mountain of rejects in the dressing room. She slapped a credit card on the counter but it was promptly declined. Other shoppers waited in line while FIVE more of Janice’s cards were declined. Finally she was told she’d have to pay cash, but she didn’t have it. She left the store and they had to hang everything up and put it back.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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