Celebrity Wife Swap” Was A Bad Idea For Coolio

Celebrity Wife Swap usually makes the participants look like slightly misguided but well-meaning and likeable people at the end. That’s not what happened on this Tuesday’s episode featuring Mark McGrath and “Gangster’s Paradise” rapperCoolio. McGrath proved himself to be an overzealous, indulgent, but caring father. Coolio was exposed as a totally self-absorbed, incommunicative, posturing jerk. He was selfish, lazy, and seemed to care only about appearing macho and cool – and to hell with everyone else. His live-in girlfriend had two jobs and three kids and did ALL the work around the house. He never lifted a finger – or cracked a smile. This is a man who has six kids with 4 women and probably pays no attention to any of them. (At least one is in jail.) By the end of this episode Coolio had lost his girlfriend and most of his fans…(To think we used to LIKE him!) (Above: Coolio, ex-girlfriend Mimi, and her 3 kids)

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