The Biological Truth About Michael Jackson’s Kids Might Come Out In Court

The 40 million dollar lawsuit that the Jackson family slammed on AEG Live for“wrongful Death” got interesting when Jackson lawyers asked the judge to exclude evidence of the paternity of Michael’s kids. If the judge does NOT go along with this request, the world might finally learn who the biological parents of the kids are. We already know that Paris and Prince were born to Debbie Rowe with a sperm donation from Dr Arnie Klein (although it would be nice to have it verified.) We are STILL curious to find out who gave birth to and fathered Blanket. Supposedly he had a Latina surrogate mother but the father is unknown. And don’t tell us you are one of those people who believe Michael might have fathered any of those children! This court case could turn out to be VERY interesting – family secrets might be revealed.

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