Mr Selfridge: There’s Something Wonderful About Vintage Elegant Department Stores…

“Mr Selfridge” premiered on PBS last night and we were in shopping heaven for two hours. Watching a turn of the century department store “with modern ideas” being built in London is utterly fascinating. (There’s something about old-time department stores that we can’t get enough of) Decorating and stocking it with merchandise of the era is delicious to watch. Watching droves of hopeful employees lined up for job interviews pulls the viewer right in. The décor, fashions, and hairstyles are a feast for the eyes. With a few exceptions, the acting is enjoyable. Jeremy Pivenas Harry Selfridge overacts as the enthusiastic American and he lacks subtlety. But the store, the shopgirls, the French window dresser, the frocks, – are a joy to behold.

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