Princess Diana Was Killed By A Common Drunk Driver

We can’t help but laugh at this fuss over so called “new evidence” that Princess Diana was murdered. Alan Power is some guy in England who wrote the book“The Princess Diana Conspiracy” and it’s started the press discussing her 1997fatal accident all over again. Diana’s boyfriend who died with her was Dodi Fayedand his father Mohammed al Fayed has been desperate to prove that his son had nothing to do with Diana’s death. Dodi, of course, employed the driver who was extremely drunk and driving at twice the speed limit when the accident happened. The new book author claims a British soldier was hired to cause the crash by shining a spotlight in the eyes of Dodi’s driver from the car in front of them, causing the driver to lose control. Silly. Somehow we think Mohammed Fayed is behind this book and maybe paid the writer to try and clear his son’s name. Scotland Yard is not re-opening the case, but “assessing the credibility” of the new claims. (Above, Diana and Dodi in their last elevator ride, leaving the Ritz Hotel that fateful night) 

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