Gina Gershon Is Doing Donatella Versace A Favor

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Gina Gershon Is Doing Donatella Versace A Favor

Imagine that! Donatella Versace is not AT ALL happy that Lifetime is producing the TV movie House of Versace and would have NOTHING to do with it. In fact the Versaces made it very difficult by not allowing any access to their fashion archives and refusing to answer any attempt to contact them, according to Merle Ginsbergat The Hollywood Reporter. The story is about Donatella’s rise to power after the murder of her brother Gianni. She struggled with drug abuse, near bankruptcy and rehab, but survived and triumphed. Beautiful actress Gina Gershon (above left) had a huge makeover to play the rather scary Donatella and the designer should be flattered.

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