Even A New Mercedes Couldn’t Stop Kris Jenner’s Sister From Blabbing About The Family

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

It’s a nightmare for Kris Jenner– her own estranged SISTER is selling stories about the family to the tabloids! Karen Houghton, 54, can’t stop talking since she discover how interested the tabs are in her sister’s family! Karen and Kris, 57, aren’t close, but Karen has dropped quite a few bombs about her sister. She describes Kris as “obsessed with money and power – Gucci purses and Bentleys.” Karen talked about the time when Kris first moved to Los Angeles – she said Kris used to hang around country clubs so she could meet wealthy men! And she couldn’t resist saying that her older sister Kris (who looks younger) “spent about a million dollars on plastic surgery.” Kris claims Karen “has demons” (implying drugs or alcohol) and sent her sister a new Mercedes to get on her good side, but it didn’t shut her up yet! (Above, Kris and daughter Kylie)

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