Surprise! Axl Rose Might Be The Perfect Tenant

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Surprise! Axl Rose Might Be The Perfect Tenant

Axl Rose never disappoints. The Guns n’ Roses singer rented an apartment in New York and his landlord wrote a fascinating story for New York magazine about his experience. Axl was looking for a large space without glaring sunlight and fell in love with a 5300 square foot place in Tribeca. The landlord was nervous, given Rose’s hotel room wrecking history, but he offered to pay the considerable rent six months in advance if necessary. Move-in day came and went and Axl never showed. Weeks went by and the landlord noted that Axl was busy performing in various places around the world. The rent was always on time but Axl never moved in. After a year he renewed the lease at a higher rate but STILL didn’t show up. The rockstar life? The landlord decided that Axl never set foot in the place after his first look. At the end of the second year, Axl’s management suggested that he NOT renew the lease again. The landlord says he LOVED his musician tenant and would give him a great recommendation!

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