Is Bruce Jenner Turning Into “brigitte Jenner?”

What IS Bruce Jenner thinking? Does he ENJOY having the world believe that he’s in the process of having a gender reassignment? He MUST be getting a kick out of the rumors, because everything he does lately implies that the stories are TRUE! The Enquirer delightedly reported that Bruce left his plastic surgeons office with his hair in a pageboy (“framing his delicate facial features”) and unusually long nails! The tabloid went on to say that Bruce is thinking of changing his name to Brigitte! What’s more, they claim he’s hoping to finagle an appearance as a judge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Is Kris leaking this odd information to the magazine? Perhaps the strangest thing is that Bruce doesn’t make an effort deny that he’s having a sex change! What does Brody Jenner think?

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