Would You Give Your Money To The “most Overpaid Actress In Hollywood?”

Katherine Heigl didn’t know how lucky she was before she got too big for her britches on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her character Izzie was hugely popular, but Heigl slammed the writing on the show and walked off when she got a movie offer. Other cast members couldn’t conceal their relief that the difficult and demanding actress was gone. Heigl had one hit movie, “Knocked Up,” and her price went way up. After that she did a bunch of forgettable fluffy romantic “comedies” that fizzled at the boxoffice. Last year she was voted “most overpaid actress in Hollywood.” And rumors about her diva-ish unpleasant behavior on sets escalated. Now she’s begging on funding site indiegogo.com for fans to donate $150,000 to finish her latest indie film “Jenny’s Wedding,” (another reason not to like her) and they’re not responding. Even with an autographed photo thrown in. It’s a slap in the face, but perhaps… just desserts.

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