Tv Fraudster Kevin Trudeau Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison

No one is more surprised than we are to learn that TV infomercial salesman Kevin Trudeau, 51, has been sentenced to ten years in prison by a Chicago judge who declared him “deceitful to the core.” Trudeau had been investigated for years of scamming that involved 13 aliases and false social security numbers. His book “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About” earned 49 million dollars and advised the reader to walk one hour a day and limit daily calories to 500. The egotistical Trudeau was convicted of contempt four times and refused to pay a 37 million dollar fine the judge imposed – hence the ten year sentence. Years ago we impulsively purchased his expensive Mega Memory course and it was a big disappointment – we ended up selling it in a yard sale for a tiny fraction of what we paid.

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