Tom Cruise And Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss: A Match Made In Heaven?

Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss would make a perfect wife for Tom Cruise- according the National Enquirer. And they might be right. Moss 31, is 20 years younger than Cruise and that’s the way he likes it. Most important of all, she is a Scientologist so he wouldn’t have to twist her arm to join the so-called “religion.” Tom’s last two marriages collapsed because his wives- Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes – didn’t want to commit to Scientology. Certainly the Scientology leaders would be thrilled if Tom and Elisabeth became a Hollywood power couple. Tom hasn’t been lucky in love lately – he even goes to clubs with his DJ son Connorin hopes of meeting someone. Why doesn’t somebody fix Tom up with Elisabeth?
(Above, Elisabeth and Jon Hamm in Mad Men)

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