Rapper Eve seems to be jumping on the Ghostbusters bandwagon in this trendy gas station style jumpsuit, as she walks her dog Hendrix in Soho. Just in case you’re planning to see the Ghostbusters movie this weekend, don’t let male reviewers scare you away. If you love those girls from SNL along with Melissa McCarthy, like we do, you’ll get a kick out of the movie IN SPITE OF the tedious special effects ghosts. The girls’ interaction is really funny and Melissa isn’t as vulgar as she usually is. They are all delightful, in fact, and we’d love to see them together in a non-Ghostbusters movie. But this is what we have now, and yes, it IS worth seeing because of Melissa, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon.
(By the way, Eve is currently touring with Gwen Stefani.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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