Sunny Leone like never before in Laila O Laila Sheetal Sharma

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022


Sunny Leone’s eagerly awaited number ‘Laila O Laila’ releases this week. She is looking like a whiff of fresh air. Designer and stylist Sheetal Sharma in an exclusive with Faridoon Shahryar deconstructs the experience of styling and designing with a little bit of help from Farhan Akhtar.

How did you contribute to the styling of Sunny Leone‘s look in ‘Laila O Laila’
Yeah, completely. Rahul is not very Bollywood. I am sure you must have seen his films like Parzania and all, it’s so realistic. The song (‘Laila O Laila’) is part of the story, when you see the song you see it’s a part of the story. Farhan was like make her look like Zeenat Aman in today’s era. He’s like don’t replicate Zeenat Aman but make her look like what she should be now. Keep her look like how people will relate to it; people should feel she’s so beautiful without doing too much of exposing. I think she’s wearing very nice and covered clothes in the song like it’s very basic on its own but looking so glamorous.

She’s looking very glamorous, that blue dress was designed by you or it was her own designer?
It is done by me. It’s basically like beautiful colours of turquoise and blue put together. And very beautiful, not revealing but a beautiful looking blouse.

Okay and what about accessories and her hair? Was there any brief that you had?
No, she kept her hair completely open. The moves and dance in that song is completely crazy. Bosco has gone completely old school, its lip sync and more like how Helen used to go on table, it’s more of that. So we kept it very basic and open hair. When you see you’ll feel it centre parting like how Zeenat Aman in the song Laila Main Laila in the whole song holding the mic, she had very sharp centre parting hair. We tried to retain that and little more wave it like very little curls. When you see the song Sunny Leone is looking very different from what she has ever done.

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