Akshay Kumar shares an important idea for betterment of Indian soldiers

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

akshay kumar shares an important idea for betterment of indian soldiers

Akshay Kumar, who is one of the biggest stars in India, has always used his platform to spread awareness about some cause. Be it about sports or Indian army or Police officers or farmers, the actor makes the right use of his platform so the problems of these people reach a wider audience.

Recently, Akshay Kumar had spoken about Bengaluru mass molestation and had called out politicians who were blaming women’s dressing for the major incident. His video left an impact on many. But, some people did question his morality recalling the times he has done movies where he gone to a different extent for women.

Once again, Akshay Kumar is standing up for a cause and this time for Indian soldiers. Reminding people how his last video helped people talk about the different molestation and harassment incidents they have faced, Akshay Kumar has shared a video asking people to come out and help Indian soldiers in any way possible. He wrote, “Here I am standing up AGAIN for something I truly believe in because THEIR well-being MATTERS to ME! I’d love to know if it does to YOU as well?”

In the video, Akshay shared an idea as to how one can help a soldier’s family who has sacrificed their lives for the country. He talked about how common people are clueless as to how they can help soldier’s families. Later, he suggests that if there were some kind of app or website that already had details of the martyred soldier’s family, so people can directly donate some money to the families who don’t have any source of income. He also suggested that once the amount reaches Rs 15 lakhs then the website can close that family’s account. In the end, Akshay said that if the people are willing to help the soldiers and their families then he himself will take permission from armed forces and the Indian government to create a website.

Readers may recall that many times, we have heard the financial and food condition of Indian soldiers is very bad. Recently, a BSF jawan’s video had gone viral on social media after he shares some disheartening videos the food provided to them.

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