“Why would I refer to my heroines as padding?” – Tiger Shroff

“Why would I refer to my heroines as padding” - Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff would be upset with the way he’s supposed to have spoken about his leading ladies, if only he knew how to get upset.

Normally, not known to react to the harshest criticism, this time, Tiger thinks it’s time to clear the air. “I was asked what I felt about working with this heroine and that heroine. I responded saying I do not concern myself with what is beyond my own space, performance, function and responsibility when I sign a project. The ‘padding’, therefore, didn’t mean I consider women superfluous props. It applied to everything that falls beyond my own presence in a film. I would have used the same word for the director or the music director without meaning to insult them.”

Having said this, Tiger Shroff is perturbed by the way words are twisted these days. “I know negative news sells. So, taking one word out of context, proclaiming that I called women ‘padding’ is going to make headlines. But, it’s not what I meant to say. This is not the way I’d ever speak about women. I’ve been brought up in a home where my Mom is treated as a Goddess. My Dad would do nothing, ever, to hurt or offend my mom. And we all treat my sister as the queen of the household. Disrespect to women is not something that I’d ever consider in my attitude.”

Tiger Shroff is worried about how his words would sound when put on a public medium. “I am, at the moment, doing non-stop press. It’s exhausting to go from interview to interview. In an unguarded moment, I may end up using the wrong word, which may, at any time, be amplified to create a shocking headline.”

This had happened to Tiger earlier also when he had jokingly said he would marry a girl who would massage his feet.

Says Tiger Shroff, “Forget about disrespecting women, I try not to speak disrespectfully to anybody man, woman or transgender. And, let me tell you, as far as calling my heroines as ‘paddings’ is concerned, the leading ladies in my films have had stronger roles than me right from Kriti Sanon in my debut film Heropanti to Shraddha Kapoor in Baaghi.”

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