Salman Khan to get new villain for Dabangg 2

It is final – Sonu Sood has made it official that he won’t be seen in Dabangg 2. Though till a month back there were rumours making the rounds that Salman has shown keen interest in roping him back for the sequel, Sonu’s final declaration has put things in black and white. However the twist in the tale here is that now Salman may have to hunt for a new villain and that when the film’s shooting is just a month away.

“Sonu has categorically stated that he isn’t doing Dabangg 2 since the character written for him wasn’t as powerful as Cheddi Singh. For the last six months there have been so many speculations about him being in and out of the film. However Sonu is now sick and tired of these rumours and wishes to quash them for good. For the record, he is not doing Dabangg 2. It is final and there would be absolutely no change in his stance”, informs a friend of the actor.

Though Salman is currently in Cuba shooting for Ek Tha Tiger, the onus is now on Arbaaz Khan to get his plan B into action.

“It’s a matter of time that a new name is announced for the young villain in Dabangg 2“, a source adds, “While Prakash Raj is the main villain, there is requirement for the second villain as well since the script already has place for such a character. With Sonu not doing the film, someone else has to fit in now. It is quite unlikely that this character would be done away in entirety since it is way too late in the day to make any amends to the script. After all, the film’s shooting begins in March.”

Meanwhile Sonu has moved on and is busy promoting his next film Maximum where he is playing a solo lead. As for Dabangg 2, he maintains calm exterior and says, “No, I am not doing Dabangg 2. I wanted to do the film but the script couldn’t do justice to a character which was going to be a follow up to Cheddi Singh. I thought that it would work only if it is much stronger than the one in Dabangg 2. However it is a creative call that has been taken by the writer and the director.”

While this means that the makers have to now rope in an actor to step into a part that is presumably ‘weaker’ than the one which was seen in Dabangg, Sonu is maintaining the stance of ‘all is well’. “My rapport with Salman and Arbaaz is as good as ever. They too realized that my take on not doing Dabangg 2 is right. I am sure in future we would do many good things together.”

Till then we wait to see whose turn is it to get bashed by Sallu. Well, on screen of course!

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