“I won’t talk about the casting couch as publicity for my film” – Irrfan Khan

“I won’t talk about the casting couch as publicity for my film” - Irrfan_Khan

Recently while promoting his new film Qareeb Qareeb Single Irrfan Khan spoke out against the casting couch, on how he had been propositioned by both men and women earlier in his career.

Irrfan Khan feels it was a mistake. “I shouldn’t have spoken about it. The occasion was not right. It seemed like I was promoting the film by talking about this (the Harvey Weinstein syndrome). I spoke about many other things. But that was highlighted. So I’d like to address that issue in detail with you in another interview.”

At the moment Irrfan Khan is in Kolkata promoting his Indo-Bangladesh co-production Doob: No Bed Of Roses directed by Mostofa Sarwar Faroki where Irrfan has spoken his own Bengali lines.

“It’s my Bengali film, hence special. And yes, I’ve spoken my own Bangla lines. I must say it was a challenge because the Bengalis are very particular about how their language is spoken. One wrong pronunciation and you’re doomed. But I have managed to do it.”

Irrfan Khan is very proud of Doob. “I play a filmmaker who falls in love with a girl who’s his daughter’s friend. It’s something I’ve never attempted before, hence interesting. It is always a pleasure to be part of an international project. I hope the film is noticed in India.”

The West has already reacted with lavish praise for Irrfan’s performance in Doob. But Irrfan is hopeful that films like Doob: No Bed Of Roses would get an audience in India. “What I like about current filmmaking trends in India is the diversity. There are so many kinds of films being made. Of course the big-ticket blockbusters will always dominate the box office. But other kinds of films are also getting an audience. Earlier this year my Hindi film Hindi Medium turned out to be the biggest success of the year so far in terms of investment and profits.”

Irrfan Khan is hopeful his new room-com would encore the success of Hindi Medium.

Right now Irrfan is traversing various cities to promote Qareeb Qareeb Single. “It is a bright rom-com and I like what it has to say about the courtship stage of a relationship when everything is bright and rosy and glowing between the couple when both the people in love with each other are on their best behaviour. It is the most hopeful stage of a relationship and according to me, the best part of a man-woman relationship. Later possessiveness, jealousy, anxiety and insecurities creep into a relationship and cause its downfall.”

After Mira Nair Irrfan got to work with another female director Tanuja Chandra in Qareeb Qareeb Singlle.

Irrfan disagrees with the contention that women are more sensitive to the nuances of the man-woman relationship. “In Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Sahib Bibi Aur Gangster Returns the Bibi’s part was one of the best written for a female actor. I think filmmakers like Raj Khosla and Vijay Anand understood women as well as women directors, if not better. And it was a man (Shailendra) who wrote ‘Katon Se Kheench Ke Yeh Aanchal’ for Waheeda Rehman in Guide. It is the ultimate anthem of women’s liberation.”

Speaking of Waheeda Rehman she is Irrfan’s co-star in Anoop Singh’s Mantra: Song Of Scoprions. And Irrfan just can’t stop raving. “It’s a dream come true to be in the same film as her. Though we don’t have any scenes together I can feel her presence all the time.”

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