“I am against anything being banned” – Farhan Akhtar speaks up on banning films at IFFI as well as Padmavati controversy

“I am against anything being banned” – Farhan Akhtar speaks up on banning films at IFFI as well as Padmavati controversy

From Ram Leela to now Padmavati, many Bollywood films have faced wrath of censor board and activists. Whether it is a social issue or a creative re-adaptation of a historic tale, filmmakers have found themselves in a fix as their films are constantly banned from being released. Talking openly and wholeheartedly at the Kashmirnama book launch event was Farhan Akhtar who decided to voice his opinion on the same quite unabashedly.

Referring to not just the ongoing Padmavati protests but also the way, the screening of regional films Nude and S Durga were withdrawn at the IFFI resulting in several filmmakers taking a stand on the issue; Farhan Akhtar stated that he doesn’t believe in banning any kind of content. He also urged the film industry to showcase solidarity since he believes that there is lack of unity within them.

“It has happened in the past where films have been banned and it has been taken to the tribunal. It may be painful and may take time but it will happen. Eventually I think it is important for the film fraternity to come together on these issues. Unfortunately, we also have to blame ourselves. We should not just be pointing fingers at other people. There has been a lack of unity when it comes to these things,” said Farhan Akhtar.

“Everyone gets scared when it’s their film on the line. It is a small industry. There are not that many people. If they don’t come together to create an environment where they themselves can function in, the way they want to, nobody else is going to do it for them. This has happened in the past with many films. I am totally against anything being banned,” added the mutli-talented star.

Furthermore he spoke about how one should change the perception towards the way we treat our audiences wherein he stated, “We should stop treating our audiences as children. We should allow them to grow. We should allow them to be exposed to different kinds of ideas to counter cultures, to counter thinking. It’s very important for the development of any nation that there are viewpoints which are not may not be in agreement with the majority.”

On the other hand, he also asserted that there are ways a film can be boycotted by the audience but one cannot threaten or stop the filmmaker from making a film that he wants to make. “In cinema there’s no such law that if a film is made you have to go and see it! You have the freedom to boycott the film. You can message or tell people to boycott the film. But you don’t have the freedom to threaten somebody with grievous bodily harm or break somebody’s theatre or cause damage in any way. That’s where the line hasn’t been drawn clearly enough,” he maintained.

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