Phantom films get rights of Krishna Udayasankar’s book Immortal

Phantom films get rights of Krishna Udayasankar’s book Immortal

With many production houses eyeing on interesting contents of books and adapting them for the big screen and now Phantom Films too seems to have been following a similar path. The production house has acquired the rights of Krishna Udayasankar’s ‘Immortal’ from Hachette India.

Furthermore, we hear that they are looking to develop the project as a trilogy on Ashwathama in a modern context. The book tells us a story about a flawed hero, who cannot die but continues to suffer insurmountable pain as a consequence of it. ‘Immortal’ is the modern-day telling of the story of the legendary misunderstood warrior, Ashwathama, who having been given the curse of immortality by Krishna, has been roaming the earth for millennia in search of mortality. As a result, the story also (in a way) spans 4000 years.

A blend of history, myth, and fantasy, ‘Immortal’ narrates the story of Professor Bharadvaj, who is unwittingly pulled into a hunt for the ‘vajra’, believed to have trans-mutative powers that can unlock the secrets of immortality.

A source close to the project said, “Our adaptation of the book is beyond fantasy-fiction and will be along the lines of a ‘quest genre’, which will take our hero on an adventure across the sub-continent, much like Indiana Jones. So it will be a big scale film, with both shreds of historical and action-adventure storytelling. Krishna Udayasankar has also written a three-part series on the Mahabharata, called ‘The Aryavrata Chronicles’.”

Madhu Mantena confirmed the latest developments on the same and added, “We are very proud to announce this magnificent project as a Trilogy on Ashwathama in a modern context. It’s a very powerful story written beautifully by Krishna Udayasankar. The concept is something that has not been experienced on the big screen before and that too on such a huge scale. We are very excited to start this journey.”

However, it is being said that the details of the film are yet to be locked.

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