Nana Patekar bats for further reduction in GST for entertainment community

Even though the GST council is reconsidering the threshold for the taxes levied on movie ticket prices, Nana Patekar is planning to fight for further reduction for the entertainment industry.

Keeping in mind, the rising prices of ticket fares and the constantly increasing taxation over it, recent reports claim that the GST council has decided to reconsider on the matter. They will apparently be now increasing the tax exemption limit to tickets priced at Rs. 500 instead of Rs. 250. However, not convinced with the decision, Nana Patekar has now decided to bat for further reduction in the percentage.

As of now, the entertainment industry has not shied away from expressing their disappointment over the ongoing taxation system. The industry has been protesting against the 18 percent taxation slab that is being levied on tickets at Rs. 250. Nana Patekar, who has been a part of the industry for decades, has already taken his first step towards his battle.

He reportedly revealed that he met Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra Sudhir Mungatiwar who handles the departments of finance, planning and forests to express his concern over the taxation. He requested him to reduce the tax percentage to half. Nana also maintained that the communication with Mr. Mungatiwar is currently on halt owing to the latter’s throat surgery. However, he assured that he will take up the matter again.

Talking about how it has been impacting the entertainment community, Nana spoke about the after-effects of taxation that will affect the income of writers, directors, cinematographers and other technicians. He went on to add that actors suffer the least since they get money from the producers. But Nana refused to give up on this battle stating that this application of GST on everything should not happen.

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