Priya Prakash Varrier and her sexy wink doles out some important lessons for our Bollywood filmmakers

Life can be so unpredictable. Till about 48 hours ago, Priya Prakash Varrier was just another regular debutant waiting for her film to be out. But a 26 second clip from her film came out on WhatsApp and social media. And overnight, she took the whole nation by storm like never before. This less than a half-a-minute video is from the song ‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi’ from her debut film Oru Adaar Love. In the song, she has donned a school uniform and she’s playfully communicating with a boy, who is smitten by her. After some playful gazes, she gives out a sexy wink. The video has been loved so much that it’s gone extremely viral. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp statuses, Priya Prakash Varrier and her wink is all over the place. Needless to say, a lot of memes have been made on her as well and many of them were quite hilarious.

A section of netizens however have been irritated by the craze over this young actress. They are unable to fathom what’s so special about a girl winking that has made everyone her fan. Some started dissecting her looks, comparing her to other young heroines and stating that they are far more beautiful than Priya Prakash Varrier. They are coming down heavily on all the ‘OMG look she’s so gorgeous’ statuses and tweets and must say, it’s a fun to read the other point of view too.

However, the reason behind her crazy popularity is not just her beauty. Or her expressions. A lot of things have fallen into place perfectly in that 26 seconds long video clip. Yes, she’s very pretty and looks very Indian. Also, the way she plays with her eyes and the winks is super cool. But that’s merely not enough. The manner in which her love interest reacts also is a great reason behind the video going viral. The guy blushes and gets totally mesmerized by her wink and sexy flirting. And it looks genuine, not being done just for the effect. Which girl in the world wouldn’t want that kind of reaction from the guy she likes? And which guy won’t like to get winked so amazingly by her crush? It’s a dream come true moment for anyone in love and it’s no wonder that the video has spread smiles and made people skip their heartbeats.

What’s also appealing is the fact that both the girl and the guy are not talking anything. Yet, they communicate so much and so clearly. Such scenes are really difficult to execute where only the eyes or the expressions have to do the talking. But if the makers manage to succeed, the sky can be the limit, as proved by the popularity of this video. It’s a scene from a Malayalam film and yet, it has reached out to so many, crossing language barriers. Some 5-6 years ago, Karan Johar had attempted something similar in his college drama flick Student Of The Year in the pre-interval scene. That particular sequence didn’t become viral but it’s surely one of the most memorable sequences of that film.

Further, the video throws light on young, puppy, innocent love with a dash of naughtiness. And this is rare in today’s times. While showing youngsters or teenagers in love, the treatment or content tend to gets too urban, niche or even risqué. As a result, the impact doesn’t spread much, especially among the more conservative section of people. The Oru Adaar Love clip however is family-friendly, entertaining, naughty (just in the right-n-acceptable doses) and also cute. As a result, it has got thumbs up from all sections of audiences and it’s common to see uncles and aunties happily forwarding this video to the family WhatsApp groups. There’s certainly a charm in such kind of young romance that’s hard to find in films nowadays. Two years ago, Nagraj Manjule made a film on such kind of love, Sairat, and it made history in Marathi cinema. Interestingly, Priya Prakash Varrier looks quite like Sairat’s actress Rinku Rajguru.

Priya Prakash Varrier’s ‘sexy wink’ is making waves but in some time, it will be forgotten. Will the lessons fade into oblivion as well? Will our filmmakers finally learn the potential of a clean, rooted, love story? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the power of a young girl’s wink as long as it lasts!

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