Alok Nath Discredits IFDA notice, accuses Vinta Nanda of misusing her liberties

Alok Nath, better known as the sanskaari babuji of the entertainment industry, was accused to rape and abuse by a television producer Vinta Nanda and he did everything in his power to refute the claim. He not only dismissed her #MeToo story but also discredited her allegations against him. He was sent a notice by IFDA with regard to the same to which he refused to reply because a police complaint has not been filed against him. He said that Vinta is misusing her privilege as a woman. His counsel’s statement read: Please note that it is the matter of record that some of the persons have started misusing liberties, protections, concessions available to them for hailing for a particular class and more particularly liberties and protections made available to the female members. It is also a matter of experience that time and again, false and fabricated complaints are filed including complaints of serious nature inviting serious sections and serious penal sections and ultimately the persons against whom the allegations are made are being acquitted by the Honorable Court and thereafter the complaint by itself is quashed by the Honorable Court.

Alok Nath DISCREDITS IFDA notice, accuses Vinta Nanda of misusing her liberties

He refused to reply to the notice and wrote: My client states that however, in the present case, there is no complaint at all neither made with any of the police authorities nor filed with any of the legal authorities save and except making interviews and some complaints on social media. Despite Alok Nath’s claims that he was innocent, the women who worked on the serial Tara of which he was the lead hero and Vinta was the producer said that Alok Nath’s behaviour was objectionable and extremely sexist on the sets. Lead actress Navneet Nishan and other actresses Himani Shivpuri and Renuka Shahane supported Vinta.

Now, time will tell how Alok fights these allegations against him.

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