Bigg Boss 12 October 17: Sreesanth spits on Deepak’s name, called Mentally Disturbed by Surbhi for supporting Dipika

Bigg Boss 12 has now entered a very interesting stage with contestants facing challenges on every level: physical, mental and emotional, leading to a lot of changes in their interpersonal dynamics. This time around, Bigg Boss evicted Nehha Pendse and brought two players Sreesanth and Anup back in the game. While Anup maintained a balanced approach and told his girlfriend Jasleen, off in polite way. Now, because Bigg Boss broke the jodis up, they are playing as individual contestants. Currently, a luxury budget task is underway in the glass walled house. While  playing the task, Sreesanth sided up with Dipika Kakar again which made everyone else upset including Surbhi Rana who called him mentally unstable. Jasleen too was miffed with Sreesanth’s change in behaviour and he supporting Dipika again as she did not want Dipika to be a captain of the house. Deepak on the other hand ruffled many a feather in the house, including his ex-partner Urvashi. They had a bitter fight and Deepak was scolded by the Khan Sisters for spoiling his relationship for a game.

Bigg Boss 12 October 17: Sreesanth spits on Deepak’s name, called Mentally Disturbed by Surbhi for supporting Dipika

Sreesanth’s sporadic behaviour was one of the key highlights of the house. He was asked to sleep in the lawn along with fellow contestants as a part of task by Bigg Boss but he kept on grumbling about the same. He also was so miffed while doing the task that he threatened to climb over walls and run away yet again. He also spat on Deepak Kumar’s name board after having a scuffle with him during the task. This majorly irked Deepak who felt insulted and started crying. All housemates supported Deepak and took disapproved Sreesanth’s behaviour.

Surbhi got enraged and called Sreesanth an attention seeker. Sreesanth has been branded as an manipulative attention seeker by inmates.

.@sreesanth36 ke harkaton par gussa hue gharwale, kya hoga iska anjaam? Jaanne ke liye tune in to #BiggBoss12 now. #BB12 @iamappyfizz @oppomobileindia @TheGarnierMan @letsdroom

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) October 17, 2018

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