Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s baby daughter, Mehr, gets a passport to Mauritius!

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi complete their first wedding anniversary on May 10 but they won’t be celebrating it alone. They will bring it in Mauritius, accompanied by their little baby Mehr who turns six months, eight days later (May 18) so it will be a double celebration for the family. Mehr got her passport when she was just one-and-a-half months old.

EXCLUSIVE Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s baby daughter, Mehr, gets a passport to Mauritius!

Neha, who completes her BFF show and an ad shoot, says, “Mehr will complete six months on May 8, eight days after our wedding anniversary so it will be a kind of double celebration for us. It’s her first trip abroad. I think her first outing when she left home, was to the passport office but she’s a real trooper and goes everywhere. It’s a huge celebration for us as she completes half a year. She was all swaddled up when we took her picture for the passport. I think her first outing was to the passport office but she’s a real trooper and goes everywhere.”

It’s destination Mauritius for the happy family as Mehr loves the water. Neha has planned the itinerary – from the travel to the accommodations and it’s been fun. “Yes, I am excited. We went to Maldives six months ago so now it’s Mauritius. The calling will always be water for us. Our daughter started swimming when she was three-and-a-half months onwards and she’s the happiest thing in the world when she’s in water. We were deciding between going to New York or a beach destination but we chose Mauritius because of the sea. I will also be able to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Neha cannot believe a year has passed by in her marriage. “I feel just two days back we got married, put up that post and were explaining and apologising to the world for not having invited them. It’s taken us a year to apologise and now that’s like a big joke kyun ki iss saal bhi party nahi hogi. We wanted to throw a party but now we are planning something else! We had an intimate wedding and a big baby shower. After that we haven’t done anything as we both have been very busy. We might step out with some friends tonight and may have a get-together when we get back.”

She just wrapped up another series for hr show BFF's With Vogue today and has been working round the clock. Angad too flies down from Lucknow today where he has been shooting so Neha says that as it’s her and Angad’s first anniversary they just wanted to spend time with each other and Mehr. “I feel like it’s about creating memories with friends or just ourselves. Angad and I didn’t have much spend time with each other before our marriage or even got the chance to date for reasons best known to everyone (laughs). It’s surreal… But today it still seems as if we are in our dating phase. Every day when I wake up I feel I can’t love him more and I do… It’s sweet and I feel as if we haven’t had time by ourselves so in Mauritius, we will be doing just that.”

The actress’s world revolves around Angad and Mehr now. “It’s been so good. She’s a great girl. I took her out traveling in a car to nine cities when she was three months old when I was doing Roadies and she was smiling away through it. She would laugh and be happy and was so much fun. One road trip was nine-and-a-half hours and as I was still nursing her, when she would feed, my entire unit would wait. Her lunch time had become our lunch time.”

Talking about the change her baby daughter has brought in their lives, Neha says, “It’s been life-changing in a wonderful way. There’s no time left for anyone or anything but at the same time there are so many different things that one enjoys. For me the biggest thing is that I don’t need validation anymore. I am allowed to have that extra weight on me, it’s fine. Yesterday, I came back home post midnight, exhausted, as I had done a double shift, helped my brother out with something, shooting for BFF with Taapsee and Vicky, and another interview so I was on my feet the whole day. Angad’s not here as he’s shooting in Lucknow and I saw my daughter moving a little bit in her room and on Instagram I saw my husband’s cute little posts on our anniversary and my heart was just full of emotions. I had a really bad fall the other day in the gym and had hurt my back so I was on painkillers. I was dead as a door and when these two moments happened it was like pure bliss!”

In year post her marriage, Neha has learned much from her daughter and husband. “I am learning forever more from my daughter and it’s been absolutely wonderful! Little kids are attracted to only just one emotion – love. They are so loving, giving and forgiving. One thing that kills you as a mom and that’s a universal thing as I speak for all mothers, is guilt. I am a working mom but children are so full of love that they forgive everything. They may cry and sulk but a second later but they will smile back just moments later. There are days when I go away and my daughter cries but she just forgives me when I am back. I try and apply that in my work now. If something goes wrong, I remember my daughter and shut my eyes. It’s such a great quality and only children have that. I don’t see that forgiving quality in humans. In fact, as they grow older, they hold on to things more, but children only hold onto love.”

Being a wife and mother has taught its own lessons, Neha admits. “As a person I have become absolutely selfless where my daughter and husband are concerned. They come first and everything else can take a backseat today. Earlier, I wouldn’t have thought of doing online shopping but today here I am, planning their vacation etc. If my daughter and husband needs me, I will be there first.”

And Angad? “What I have learned from Angad is to be a much kinder person in my personal life because that’s the kind of guy he is. He is a 100 per cent, rock-solid guy and completely focussed. He has taught me to focus on one thing at a time. Women are wired differently and have a tendency to do many things at the same time but Angad just does one thing at a time. If he’s learning his lines for a role, he will shut himself in his room and do just that. I love his sense of humor too, his ability to make find humor in any and everything. He is a very positive person and that really helps when things are not going as planned.”

She says in their relationship, Angad is more romantic than her. “I am more practical. It's the simple things that moves me so much. Like, when he’s in town and not shooting, he’s always there at the airport to pick me up. That moves me. I get into the car and feel so special. I have lived in this city for over 16 years and nobody has come to the airport to pick me up except my driver. Angad had promised me that he would make me feel special so every time I land home, he is always there, even if he has to change his plan or day because he knows how special it is for me. He comes to my set with food and surprises me, ever so often, so yes, marriage and motherhood have been wonderful, life-changing experiences.”

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