Sanjay Dutt to shoot in 60 locations of Mumbai

Sanjay Dutt has done some very dangerous things in real and reel life. But his real-time real-location cops' action scenes for Rensil D'Silva's Unglee, beats them all.

Dutt would not only be shooting in some of the most crowded areas of Mumbai, he would also be chasing down his opponents and hammering his adversaries to a pulp right there in the heart of Mumbai. All this without organized crowds of junior artistes surrounding Dutt.

Security would be a distance away, far from camera range.

From October 16, Sanjay Dutt starts shooting for Rensil D'Silva's Unglee where Dutt once again plays a cop. This is Dutt's fourth cops' role in a row after Ram Gopal Varma's Department, Vinod Bachchan's Zilla Ghaziabad and the Hindi remake of the Telugu hit Samy.

The tough part of keeping Dutt's part in Unglee apart from the dozens of cops' films the actor has done in his career, was to be taken care of through rehearsals and workshops. Alas, there was no time to let the actor prepare. And Dutt starts shooting for Unglee from October 16 on the streets of Mumbai without space for preparation.

Defending his actors' lack of preparation, director Rensil D'Silva says, "Whether it's Sanjay Dutt or Emraan Hashmi, these are thoroughly professional actors. Give them their lines and they'd know what to do within no time. I have been working on the script for a while now. One of the reasons why I took time to start Unglee was because I wanted to know my characters better than anyone else on location. The other reason was Student Of The Year. I was writing Karan Johar's film simultaneously with my own Unglee."

Rensil admits there was no time for rehearsals. "This is a very realistic film. It's an ensemble cast. I want every actor who stands in a frame to be sharply etched. Yes, Sanjay Dutt has played the cop many times before. But never one of this nature. As far as rehearsals go, both Sanjay Dutt and Emraan Hashmi have been pretty busy."

The film will be shot in 60 different locations in Mumbai. Dutt, we hear, would have to be part of real crowd scenes.

Says a source, "The outdoor chase and fight sequences would not be shot in the presence of junior artistes playing mobs and crowds. Dutt would have to fight his way through a gauntlet of authentic bystanders while enacting the action scenes. This is a potentially dangerous situation for an actor of Dutt's image. It's about creating maara-maari (violence) on the streets. And that's dangerous."

Rensil has ruled out shooting the film in a studio since Dutt's previous cop act in the Hindi remake of Samy is being shot in a studio.

"There are no studio shots in Unglee. It's all going to be done on real locations. God knows we've gone through hell to get permission for all the locations. But we've managed," says Rensil.

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