Prakash Jha gets past the Censor Board

Beleaguered by constant censorial trouble over the songs of his new film Chakravyuha, Prakash Jha, earlier this week approached the honorable Tribunal in New Delhi requesting them to overturn the decision taken by the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) to ban the remix version of the controversial 'Mehngaai' song. In a historic judgement, the Tribunal on Tuesday, overturned the CBFC's decision to ban the remix version of the 'Mehngaai' song which apparently takes snide digs at the 'raider cop' Vasant Dhoble by showing a group of youngsters in the fun mode being interrupted by lawmakers.

The CBFC, in all its wisdom, decided to ban the music video apparently arguing that it was casting aspersions on individuals.
Jha fought back by taking the ban to the Tribunal and getting it revoked. Significantly, the song had been banned by both the bodies of the CBFC, the Examining Committee (EC) and the Revising Committee (RC).

By moving to an arbitrating agency outside the Censor Board, Jha has effectually thumbed his nose at the Censor Board, not just questioning its authority over the content of a film, but also sending a clear signal in the Mumbai film industry that a film's fate needn't always be clinched at the CBFC.

Jubilantly Jha said, "I approached the Tribunal after the remix of my song was rejected first by the EC and then the RC at the CBFC. I couldn't see the logic of it, since earlier the same song had been passed by the Censor Board. How can the remix version of an approved song be banned? I approached the Tribunal which heard my case on Tuesday and they kindly revoked the ban."
Prakash says he isn't feeling vindicated by the triumph.

"I am exhausted by the constant tug of war with the Censor Board. Almost every film of mine from the time I made Damul in 1985 has faced censor trouble. We need clearer policies. At the moment, there are way too many contradictions," says Jha.

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