Its a challenge to play hot without exposing – Neha Dhupia

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Its a challenge to play hot without exposing - Neha Dhupia Once a siren, always a siren. However this time around, Neha Dupia is turning on the heat in a corporate set up no less. With her Rush hitting the screens, Neha is being seen in a hot-n-seductress avtar and while the promos too have labeled her as one in the context of the film, the gorgeous woman admits that it is one tough job to bring all the conviction into play once the camera starts rolling.

"People say that it must be coming easy for me to play someone who is ultra glam. However trust me, the hardest part is to seduce on screen. Reason being that you have to fake it with the guy in front of you but make it look all real for the audience sitting out there. Look at the irony", sighs Neha in an animated tone.

She quickly adds, "It is a challenge no less to be seen in this really hot avtar while not quite exposing your skin since you are a woman in a corporate setup. All credit to my director (Late) Shamim Desai and his wife Priya for making me look like that. My brief was to feel sexy and then coming across as one would be easy."

Playing Lisa in the film, Neha is finding herself in the thick of things in the world of media where as a working woman; she also has a job to do that involves a certain Emraan Hashmi. Since there aren't too many Bollywood heroines who have been seen in such a set up (the closest one can think of is Bipasha Basu in Madhur Bhandarkar's Corporate and there too she wasn't playing a seductress), was there any reference point for her, be it a film or any other actress.

"None whatsoever", she says immediately, "I never had any reference point except for the factor that here was this young confident woman who was at work and also had a job to do. These are two completely different things because at work she has to sell news while being on job, she is busy seducing. I combined the two and did my part."

With Emraan Hashmi as the central protagonist, the film's title Rush takes an altogether different meaning with everyone in a race till they stop and encounter sudden death.

"The film is a journey of Sam [Emraan] who, as an earnest and sincere journalist, wants to bring the right news across to people. However the core philosophy of the media house where we are employed to report news which sensationalizes. So while Emraan reports, I come in to sensationalize. And then when the two of us come together, there is a 'rush' of different kind. We stop, we die, and that literally happens in the film, hence justifying its tag line."

Ironically though, the film hasn't quite rushed its way to screens since it was in the making for some time. Still, the makers (Percept Picture) have made sure that the film is getting a good respectable release for itself.

"Good credit to Shamim who was always ahead of his time", she says, "At no point does the film disappoint you since it has been shot so well. It is unfortunate that he is not there to see the film but then his wife Priya, who was also a Creative Director on the film, came forward and gave it a nice wrap. Our producers have supported the final product and the whole unit has been emotionally involved enough to ensure that Rush finds its due credit."

Today she is hopeful that Emraan's presence in the film would make a huge difference to its eventual fate.

"You see a different Emraan in the film. Moreover, he is at the best phase of his career and life", smiles Neha before signing off.

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