World Animal Day 2020: Here’s how Shraddha Kapoor has used her voice to speak for the animal rights

There's no denying the fact that Shraddha Kapoor has always lent her voice for the voiceless, and has made it her aim to do everything she can for their well-being— be it feeding the stray animals, who were left on their own in the lockdown or urging her peers to take up action for animals or joining hands with various animal organizations, the actress has left no stone unturned to protect her furry friends.

World Animal Day 2020 Here's how Shraddha Kapoor has used her voice to speak for the animal rights

By the looks of her Instagram profile, she has always been involved in some or the other deeds for the well-being of the animals. Not very long ago, the actress had put up a video urging the authorities to shut down the zoos in the lockdown, and send the animals to their natural habitat. She is seen speaking on behalf of the voiceless and devotes her support to the foundation which had been working for the same.

Owing to her massive fan following on Instagram and even bigger fandom, many Animal welfare foundations have approached her for her support – and by the looks of it, she never fails to disappoint them.

The actress also makes it a point to always donate for the stray in her capacity, and uses her influence to urge even others to do that. Shraddha has always been vocal about the importance to protect the animals, and even urges everyone to take a step in their capacity to work towards the same. The actress is doing wonders to push the envelope for animal rights, and her voice has surely made a difference!

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