The Exclusive Interview of Anil Kapoor

The Stylized, The Handsome, The Smart, The Sexy.. The Star who never get’s old.. Age No Bar.. Generation No Bar.. The Actor who plays ‘Younger’ roles and stays ‘Young’, Day by Day.. With his one ‘Glimpse’, Every heart says ‘Jhakaaaaaaaas’.. The one and only Anil Kapoor speaks straight from the heart to Faisal Saif.

You still look so young, Even at this Age

(Laughs) Thank you for the compliment. Every day i hear this compliment umpteen number of times. I look young, Because i am still young in my Heart. I have noticed that when audiences all over the world starts appreciating you and work, When you are satisfied with the amount of good work you have done, There’s a particular ‘Glow’ that comes on your Face. That particular glow keeps you Young and Going. And also my Family Life, My children are the reason.

Are you ‘Spiritual’?

I am trying to be one. I am also trying to meet people who are much more Intelligent and Superior. I try to surround myself with the people who are superior then me. Be it my Watchman or my Security Guard.

What is Superiority according to you?

It can be anything. Intellectual or Physicality, It can be General Knowledge.

You have been seen experimenting with your ‘Looks’.

Yes, I have done that constantly. In each and every film of mine, I have tried to experiment with my looks. Sometimes with Long hair, Sometimes with Beard, Sometimes with short hair. Nowadays, Every actor tries to do it. But i am doing it from such a long time.

So how big is ‘Race 2’?

Obviously Race 2 is big. Or else we wouldn’t had done it. Abbas Mustan wouldn’t had directed it. At least the effort had to make it more Bigger and Entertaining. More Glamour, More action. We have tried hard and we have done our best.

Does it has a new Story?

Yes the story is new. But the character’s continue. Especially my Character and Saif Ali Khan’s character continues. In the sequel, I have become Richer, Glamorous, Stylish like how i am in my real life (Laughs). I have resigned from the Police Force and i am now an owner of a Club in the film. But i still love Fruits. I love them more then Sexy Girls. All i will say the film is more interesting this time.

Why do you select Pacy-Thrillers?

I don’t select them, They select me. Sometimes you do a film for various reasons. It could be the Producer, The script, The money. Sometimes you do films to ‘Tag’ yourself and when that film is a success, You try and carry forward that legacy.

It was you who started the 100 Crore club with your earlier films, Now the younger lot is screaming about it.

I agree the business has gone up. In those days, The money had a different value. Today the money is different. Yes i do believe in 100 Crore business, But mark my words, 5 years from now people may start screaming about their films doing 500 Crore business.

How do you feel about your ‘International’ innings?

I feel very good about it. It’s all about being right place at a right time. It’s about taking the opportunities at the right time and working hard on those opportunities. And of course blessings of my parents and my family and also my well-wishers. I kept on working hard. Everyone works hard, But i worked slightly extra hard. So I think my hard work is paying me. Whatever success i get, I feel very happy. God has been very kind to me and i think i am Lucky.

So this means, Whatever choices you’ve made in your Life and Career were right

I think most of the time, Yes. But for that you need Blessings and Support of the Almighty. Like i said earlier, God is very kind to me. And sometimes, You also get connected to somebody else’s destiny. There are also Stars and so many other things.

Tell us something about bringing the famous TV Series ’24’ to India

We are working a lot on 24. Me and director Abhinay Deo. We are at this point of time on the Casting Level of the series. There are Actors from the Bollywood but there are new faces too. And the Channel is also encouraging us on bringing new faces in the Series.

What is ‘The Anil Kapoor’ fashion statement?

I wear things that make me feel good and comfortable. I try to move with Time and i am also eager to please the younger generation. I am also lucky to have my children who correct me in my dressing sense on regular basis. What to wear, What not to wear. My younger daughter Rhea does shopping for me. In Race 2, My daughter Rhea was my Stylist.

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