Salman Khan Says : Agar over acting karani hai toh Shah Rukh ko le lete

Filmdom’s favourite bad boy has lately transformed into everyone’s favourite do-gooder. But at a current ad shoot,

Salman Khan proved that he wears his new-found sobriety as lightly because the shirts in his films. And political correctness isn’t precisely his forte.

Salman was shooting for an ad at a bungalow in Versova’s Yari Road. The commercial also stars Aamna Sharif, and is directed by a production company headed by a well known ad-man-turned-filmmaker.

Anybody who has ever worked with Salman will vouch for the truth that he doesn’t take kindly to directions. The shoot began off nicely sufficient. An eyewitness told TOI, “Salman was his usual self. He didn’t ask any concerns whilst shooting, neither did he anticipate anybody to interfere with his takes.”

There came a point nevertheless, when he had to stroll towards Aamna, and that as well went off with out a glitch. However the director was not pleased, and requested Salman to stroll as much as Aamna once more. Salman shot back, “Agar stroll karana hai toh kisi model to bula lete!”

Stunned, but fast to recover, the unit carried on using the rest from the shoot. This time the camera was focused on Salman’s face, zooming in on his expression because the item dropped into his hands. Salman nailed it within the initial two requires, however the director wanted much more. Unfazed by the prior snub, he requested Salman to shoot once more, to ensure that he could get his expressions correct.

That did it. Salman glared in the director and replied, his words cutting via the tense silence with icy daggers, “Agar acting hi karani hai, toh Hrithik ko le lete.” Prior to anybody could recover, Sallu, accurate to his style, delivered a knockout punch, “Aur agar over acting karani hai toh Shah Rukh ko le lete.” And with that, he walked out from the frame.

Finally heard, the production unit was attempting its very best to create probably the most of what they had.

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