Stop comparisons with Priyanka Chopra – Parineeti

Stop comparisons with Priyanka Chopra - Parineeti

Parineeti Chopra loves Priyanka Chopra, but is somewhat wary of her star-cousin's name being mentioned every time Parineeti is being discussed.

If the truth be told, Parineeti now wants her own identity. "I am proud to be Priyanka's sister. But I want to be known for myself, the way Ranbir is known although he is Kareena Kapoor's cousin. People should forget where I come from. I don't want to be called only Priyanka's sister. I want to be as good as her. People should say Priyanka and Parineeti are both fabulous actors."

Parineeti doesn't see Priyanka as competition at all. "How can Priyanka be my rival? She is been here so much longer. I think I am lucky that I am known after just two films as more than Priyanka's cousin. People say we're both good actors."

Like Priyanka, Parineeti is a trained singer. Says Parineeti, "It runs in the family. My dad and Priyanka's dad are brothers. They used to sing together on stage. And when Priyanka and I were kids, we performed on stage together. So yeah, I love singing. If I get a chance to make a dream singing debut like Priyanka, I'd grab it. Maybe later. And I also love reading. But most of all I like sleeping. That's when I regain all my energy. Then I go out and act."

Parineeti says she comes from a background where self-discipline is a precondition. "I was a focused student in school and college. I want to continue that way as an actress."

As for stardom, Parineeti rejects it at the moment. "I am not a star at all! Stardom comes after years of work. It doesn't happen with two films. Let me get a solid 7-8 years of work done before we talk of stardom for me. I'm just lucky to be here at a time when audiences are willing to watch newcomers. Yeah, I do enjoy being recognized on the streets. If that didn't happen, I'd be really depressed. My aim is to be known by everyone who sees films. I don't want any viewer to ask, 'Parineeti who?'"

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