Humaima Malick Slams Pakistan’s Morning Show Hosts

Humaima Malick
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Humaima MalickIn a recent interview, filmstar Humaima Malick has slammed all Pakistani morning show hosts, saying that they appear half dressed on screens and do not cover their full body.

When Humaima Malick was asked about Turkish dramas being broadcasted in Pakistan, she replied: “I didn’t know that why people are making hue and cry over Turkish dramas. They are same like Pakistani dramas and those who are objecting on dress in these dramas they should see Pakistani morning show hosts what they wear”.

Humaima Malick had a much positive tone for airing Turkish dramas in Pakistan and pointed her finger towards Pakistan’s morning show hosts, saying them unethically dressed.

Humaima Malick was also asked about her wedding plans for which she said that her first marriage was not successful and now whenever she will get married she will invite media persons and will make that event a big one. Currently, Humaima Malick is focusing on her film career and is busy for Bollywood film “Sher” in which she will appear along with Sanjay Dutt.

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