Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Fashion are Gadgets and not Clothes

The actor who not only has Good Looks, But also choose  the role which stays in one’s mind for a long time. The actor who choose unconventional work for himself. From ‘Johnny Gaddar’ to ‘Jail’ to the latest thriller ‘3G’. Son of ‘Legendary’ singer Nitin Mukesh, Neil Nitin Mukesh is confident about people liking him and his work.

But very few people might know that Neil is fond of Gadgets and not Clothes. He is often called a ‘Gadget Freak’. “People call me a ‘Gadget-Freak’. I have this craze of buying Gadget’s for myself. I would rather not go shopping for my clothes, But i would prefer shopping for Gadget’s. Recently i got myself a Projector which is 4 inches. You can connect it to your I Phone, And get a 100 Inches on to your Wall. And i have a 3 Inches Bluetooth keyboard which can be connected to any of your Instrument, And it show’s out a ‘Laser Keyboard’ in the air.” says Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Neil Nitin Mukesh will soon be seen in a Crazy Thriller called ‘Shortcut Romeo’ along with Ameesha Patel.

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