Bipasha Basu readies for Creature

Bipasha readies for Creature

Her mini vacation post the release of Aatma is coming to a close. Sticking by her decision to work on only one film at a time, she is now gearing up to begin work on Creature. With the film also marking her reunion with Vikram Bhatt post Raaz 3, Bipasha is content to be stepping into a genre which has not been explored before in Bollywood. Even though this means that there is a good element of risk involved in the film, she is willing to take it.

"We are anyways going back to the 80s kind of films. Instead of moving forward, we are creeping back. I would rather move for former even if it is risky. After being in the industry for 12 years, I am happier working with people who make something new. Vikram is one such man. That should be encouraged than looked at with doubts", says Bipasha who was last seen in Aatma.

One can also see that there is a set pattern coming in for Bipasha as far as picking and choosing roles are concerned. After Raaz 3 and Aatma, Creature is yet another film where she is the central protagonist, albeit with the 'creature' sharing good screen space.

"Well, you have to be excited about what you are doing. As long as a role comes that tests your capacity as an actor, one should go for it than contemplate too much. Also, let's face the reality. As much as people say that things have changed for women, it is may be just 5% change in the decade gone by ever since I have been working. Also, by change I am not talking about the monetary situation of actors. At the end of the day we all make a lot of money. I am talking about content that we bring on the big screen."
"Things haven't changed much so if there is something that comes in which promises to bring in a change, let me a part of it. Creature is one such step in that direction and I would rather pick that up than show my back to it", says Bipasha before signing off.

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